Poe Arts Festival



Actors to provide unique performances  

Poe in person

To answer questions

Poe In Person: The great man himself will be reciting selections of his work and answering questions.

Poe's Doctors 

How did he die? What was he like?

Poe (actor Helen McKenna) will be "interviewed" by a "doctor" (portrayed by Ray Saraceni) about what caused his death, and then be examined by a "phrenologist" (again Ray Saraceni) about what the bumps of Poe's head reveal about his character. 

Devil Bug

Scene from Quaker City

Devil Bug: A scene adapted by Ray  Saraceni from the novel Quaker City written by Poe's friend and colleague George Lippard. 

Der Rabe

The Raven in German

Der Rabe, a recitation of The Raven translated into German by Eben read by Joe Castine, National Park Volunteer 
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