Poe Arts Festival


Paul Lewis

Talk- Paul Lewis: "A Life in Poe or How I Came to Write a Book about Asteroids and Zombies"
 (President, Poe Studies Association and English Professor, Boston College)

Who is Paul?

Paul Lewis is the president of the Poe Studies Association and an English professor at Boston College where he teaches courses on American literature, gothic fiction, and nonfiction writing

His work:

He brought a career-long interest in dark humor to the writing of “A Is for Asteroids, Z Is for Zombies: A Bedtime Book about the Coming Apocalypse” (2017), “Cracking Up: American Humor in a Time of Conflict” (2006), and articles on gallows humor, political humor, and humor and terrorism.

Get Personal with Paul:

As a teenager I was entranced by horror films featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, giant ants, and radioactive dinosaurs—all of which seemed both scary and funny to me. In graduate school I studied the development of gothic fiction and published a macabre parody of TV quiz shows called “The Funeral Game” in Crazy Magazine. Learn More about Paul Here.
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