Poe Arts Festival


Justin Duerr

Artist and Musician 

The vision

The majority of my work for the past 17 - 20 years has revolved around an ongoing story-line, the plot of which is very abstracted, but deals with the big issues facing life-forms, dualities, and the seeking of transcendent states of non-being even while alive.

The purpose

The work itself serves purposes aside from the decorative or ego functions of art, although those aspects are also present as a side-effect of the process. An interconnecting series of scroll drawings, which, when connected, form one vast drawing, now contains over 22 installments and spans over 60 feet in length.

The future

Near the time of my death (should I know of it in advance in time to implement this plan) I intend to complete this drawing by creating a final scroll which will connect to the first one, to make a huge cycloramic image. If I'm afforded enough time to work on it, I may be able to finish hundreds of feet of this work, and the story arc and characters should be able to prevent many actual real-world disasters in the future by subtle/strange influence. In the meantime, the discipline of the art-activity is creating and shaping me into someone fit to serve the forces I am delineating.
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