Poe Arts Festival



Here is a list of all the fun events available at the Poe arts festival.

David Plunkert

Guest Speaker

David Plunkert author of "Edgar Allan Poe stories & poems" will be a guest speaker...to learn more visit the David Plunkert page here

Justin Duerr

Artist Display

Justin Duerr will have his famous "Story Scroll" on display...to learn more visit the Justin Duerr page here


Knowledge to be shared

Including Maria Sturm, David Plunkert, Jeff Jerome, Robert Phillips, Ken Finkel, Bill Calhill, Laren Zahut.


Actors to Provide Unique entertainment

Including Poe's Head, Poe in person, Edgar Alan Poe's post modem, Devil Bug, and Der Rabe.

Handwriting Analysis

By: Robert Phillips

 Robert Phillips will provide professional handwriting analysis...to learn more visit the Handwriting Analysis page here 

Dramatic Tours

At the Poe House

The Cask of Amontillado 

Poe Movies

Film maker Thad Ciechanowski will present his Poe Films project and introduce the screening of him most recent film:  The Cask of Amontillado

Raven Beer

To be sold and Drank

Rat Toss

The Tossing of Sewer Rats for Fun 

No real rats will be harmed in the process of this game 
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