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An Idea is Born

Emotions are like puzzle pieces that enable us to see the big picture and avoid conflict, achieve positive interactions, and develop intimacy. We just need the know-how to make sense of them! At Emotional Intelligence Magazine we aim to help you do just that. 

Our Blog

Our Blog EmotionUnderstood.com  regularly features interviews with experts and authorities in the field of emotional intelligence, as well as everyday individuals and how they have become successful utilizing their EQ. 

First Edition 

The first edition was published in August of 2017. You can purchase your kindle version via Amazon at this link here.

Our connection with Poe

Since Poe was well known for expressing his emotions in a very intelligent & artistic fashion the magazine stepped up and sponsored some advertising for the Poe Arts Festival. Buy a copy today to help us continue to sponsor the Poe Arts Festival here.
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