Poe Arts Festival



Below are the awesome people who helped make the Poe Arts Festival a reality in 2016!

Lee Nicole Salinis 

Webmaster / Poerty Contest Co-Ordinator

Lee is a memeber of the German Society & Women's Auxiliary of the German Society of PA. She was the director of branding for the women's auxiliary logo creation. Lee is the author of the book "They Drive Me Nuts!"  and the founder of EmotionalIntelligenceMagazine.com Her hobbies include: Acting, Poetry writing, Chess, Building websites and volunteering through the Germany Society. Learn More about Lee here

Helen McKenna-Uff 

Park Ranger, Actress, Poetry Contest Co-Coordinator 

Park Ranger Helen McKenna, of the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, has been portraying Poe for 17 years, and memorized "The Raven" in high school. She thanks organizers Tony Michels, Lee Salinis and Bill Bolger for greatly  expanding the annual October event!

Tony Michels

President of the German Society of Pennsylvania 

Tony Michel is the President of the German Society of Pennsylvania and a volunteer committee member of the Poe Arts festival. 

Bill Bolger

Historian for the National Park Service

Bill is a member of the Poe Arts festival Committee. He is a Historian for the National Park Service.

Liesl Jandry

Office Manager 

Liesl Jandrey is the office Manager for the Germany Society. She is a vital player in generating sales for this and all events held at the German Society.
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