Poe Arts Festival



These are the artist who helped make the Poe Arts Festival

David Plunkert 


David Plunkert's illustrations have appeared in advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies as well as major newspapers, magazines, and recording labels...to learn more visit the David Plunker page here.

Justin Duerr


The majority of my work for the past 17 - 20 years has revolved around an ongoing story-line, the plot of which is very abstracted, but deals with the big issues facing life-forms, dualities, and the seeking of transcendent states of non-being even while alive...to learn more visit the Justin Duerr page here.

Iron Age Theatre


Founded nearly thirty years ago by John Doyle and Randall Wise, Iron Age Theatre is a deeply collaborative company that first made a splash on the Philadelphia scene with its 1994 production of Tunnel, about the infamous breakout of several convicts from Eastern State Penitentiary during World War II.
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